Say hello to SpotOn Restaurant—the lightning-fast, cloud-based point-of-sale solution designed to unlock the full potential of your restaurant.

MISpotOn is hosting webinars to help you navigate, prepare and setup your business for today and going forward.

Everyone wants their business to get back to the way it was pre-COVID, however, it’s not a reality. The way businesses need to transact has changed and many were not prepared for it. Those who had the already had the tools and processes in place have been thriving. We want to help you not only get back to the revenues before but even better. When there is change, there can be confusion. We are here to help you navigate new waters and find the best solution for your business.

Our first webinar will be held on July 23, 2020 at 3:00pm EDT. Click below to find out more information and to register. Hope to see you there!

SpotOn Restaurant is a groundbreaking solution for restaurants that integrates payments with intuitive marketing tools and the best-in-class cloud-based restaurant software. Whether you operate a fine dining restaurant, quick-serve restaurant, bar, nightclub, multi-location chain, or franchise, our point-of-sale solution has all the tools you need to help boost efficiency and engage customers like never before to accelerate profit.

Restaurant Types

Fine Dining
Casual Full Service
Fast Casual
Bars & Nightclubs
Coffee Shops
Quick Service
Food Truck



Point of Sale
Online Ordering
Elite Reporting
Mobile Manager App
Tableside Ordering
Table Layout
Labor Management
Review Management
Gift Cards


TouchScreen Computers
Cash Drawers
Receipt Printers
Kitchen Printers
Kitchen Display Systems
EMV Terminals
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Tableside Tablets


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